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Hey Gophers,
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We are a team of passionate Go developers interested in shaping the future of open-source development. We’re currently building four key pieces of technology that work together for platform and application development in web2 and in web3 environments.

What we’re building in a nutshell

Gno Language

A programming language designed to push the boundaries of open-source development.

Gno Virtual Machine (Gno VM/Interpreter)

A virtual machine and interpreter for running Gno, fully implemented in Go.

A smart contract blockchain, and multi-user language-based operating system powered by Gno.

Proof of Contribution

The new consensus protocol that secures by incentivizing and rewarding the open-source contributions on-chain.

What is Gno? A Language, Virtual Machine, and Interpreter

Gno powers the next-generation decentralized, multi-user language-based operating system, providing Go developers with a suite of advanced features:

How we're Using Gno

Introducing A Web3 Open-Source Smart Contract Platform, powered by the Gno operating system, will be the first open-source smart contract platform for succinct and composable applications. Secured by the Proof of Contribution protocol, ensures fair and equitable rewards for open-source contributors.

You have a unique opportunity to shape the future of open-source software development with Contribute to and make an impactful difference in its early-stage development.

How to contribute

Gno-based Developer Tooling Suite

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Rapid development of Gno code.

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Gno Playground

A minimalist IDE for creating, testing, deploying, and sharing Gno code

Gno Playground
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Gno Studio (Coming Soon)

A premier builder experience with a full-featured IDE, smart contract templates, and more.

Gno Studio

Meet Us at GopherCon US

Join us at GopherCon US for the GopherCon Challenge Series and hear from Jae Kwon, founder and Cosmos co-founder, as he presents on 'Building a Deterministic Interpreter in Go: Readability vs Performance' on Tuesday, July 9th at 11:45 am in Skyline Ballroom D, McCormick Place.

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