# About Gno.land

Gno.land is a platform to write smart contracts in Gnolang (Gno).
Using an interpreted version of the general-purpose programming language Golang (Go), developers can write smart contracts and other blockchain apps without having to learn a language that’s exclusive to a single ecosystem.
Web2 developers can easily contribute to web3 and start building a more transparent, accountable world.

The Gno transaction token, GNOT, and the contributor memberships power the platform, which runs on a variation of Proof of Stake.
Proof of Contribution rewards contributors from technical and non-technical backgrounds, fairly and for life with GNOT.
This consensus mechanism also achieves higher security with fewer validators, optimizing resources for a greener, more sustainable, and enduring blockchain ecosystem.

Any blockchain using Gnolang achieves succinctness, composability, expressivity, and completeness not found in any other smart contract platform.
By observing a minimal structure, the design can endure over time and challenge the regime of information censorship we’re living in today.