# Welcome to Gno.land


## An interpretation of the Golang (Go) programming language for advanced developers and intrepid pioneers to build succinct, composable smart contracts for social coordination.

If you’re concerned about information censorship and want to contribute to the #GnoWorldOrder, follow our socials to find out how.

Gno.land is in building mode. If you want to help lay the foundations of a fairer and freer world through innovative ideas and exceptional code, join us today.

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[About Gno.land](/about)
[Explore Github repo](https://github.com/gnolang)

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### Game of Realms

The first high-stakes contest will see participants compete for tiered membership to co-own the Gno.land blockchain. A series of complex technical and non-technical tasks will challenge contributors to create innovative patterns that push the chain to new limits. Start building the foundation for tomorrow through key smart contracts and other contributions that change our understanding of the world.

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[Join Game Of Realms](/game-of-realms)

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### Funding and Grants Program

Are you a builder, tinkerer, or researcher? If you’re looking to create awesome dApps, tooling, infrastructure, or smart contract libraries on Gno.land, you can apply for a grant. The Gno.land Ecosystem Fund and Grants program provides financial contributions for individuals and teams to innovate on the platform.

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[More information here](https://github.com/gnolang/ecosystem-fund-grants)

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### Learn about Gno.land

- [About](/about)
- [Subscribe](#subscribe)
- [Tokenomics (soon)](#)
- [Blog](/r/gnoland/blog)
- [Events](/events)
- [Partners (soon)](#)

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### Build with Gnolang

- [Gno dev with CLI](https://github.com/gnolang/getting-started)
- [Explore the Universe](/ecosystem)
- [Test in the browser (soon)](#)
- [About the Gnolang Language](/gnolang)
- [Docs/ Tutorials](https://github.com/gnolang)
- [Gno by example](https://gno-by-example.com/)
- [Getting started video (soon)](#)

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### Explore the universe

- [Discover demo packages](https://github.com/gnolang/gno/tree/master/examples)
- [Install Gno Key instructions](https://github.com/gnolang/gno/blob/master/examples/gno.land/r/demo/boards/README.md)
- [Testnets 3](https://test3.gno.land/)
- [Testnets 2](https://test2.gno.land/)
- [Explorer links(soon)](#)
- [Testnet Tokens (faucet)](https://test3.gno.land/faucet)

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### Socials

- ![Discord](static/img/ico-discord.svg) [Discord](https://discord.gg/S8nKUqwkPn)
- ![Twitter](static/img/ico-twitter.svg) [Twitter](https://twitter.com/_gnoland)
- ![Youtube](static/img/ico-youtube.svg) [Youtube](https://www.youtube.com/@_gnoland)
- ![Telegram](static/img/ico-telegram.svg) [Telegram](https://t.me/gnoland)